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Tigger Toodle-bear Tootsie-bear Turtle Tweety Wiggle-worm Here is a list.

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Ashu Babai Babbu Babli Bablu Babu Billu Bittoo Bubbly Chiki Chikoo Chiku Chinnu Chintu Choti Chotu Chutki Chuttu Diya Gabdu Gilli Golu Goplu Gopu Gubli Gudda Guddi Guddu Gudiya Heena Hiran Kaddu Kesu Kimi Lichi Meera Mimi Mini Molu Monu Munna Nanha Nanhi Nanmun Nikki Nila Nonni Nonu Paglu Pappu Papunu Pihu Piku Pillu Pinky Piya Piyali Pulu Raja Rani Romy Rosy Shibbu Shomu Shona Silky Softy Sona Sonu Sweetu Titu Toasty Trishu Tukku Tukur Vava Aaron and Eryn- Aerin Abbey And Lina- Abelia Ace and Kira- Akira Adele and Addison- Addie Ali and Liza- Aliza Amelia and Michael- Millie Brianna and Brian- Brea Christian and Katherine- Kristy Christiano and Belle-Chrisbell Derek and Marie- Derry Dorothy and Boris- Doris Emmanuelle and Elizabeth- Ella Evan and Angel- Angela Harold and Henrietta- Harry Jacob and Marian- Jarian James and Amy- Jamie Jane and Allen- Jalen Jay and Leah- Jalea Jeremy and Eric- Jerica Jeston and Lisa- Jelisa Jonathan and Genelia— Jenny Keifer and Antonisha— Keisha Kian and Anna- Kiana Nevan and Madison- Neon Philips and Margaret- Peggy Sherri and Dan- Sheridan Violet and Nichola— Viola.

Naming your kid after a food is very cute. Most are based on the food you were probably eating when you received the test results. Almond Apple Baby Bean Beanie Berrie Blueberry Buttercup Butternuts Caramel Cherry Chickpea Cinnamon Clove Coco Coffee Cookie Cornbread Cupcake Donut Dumpling Ginger Gummybear Hash Hazel Honey Honeybunch Jelly Jellybean Kale Lillipop like lollypop Maple Marshmallow Muffin Nugget Nutter-butter Oats Olive Oreo Peaches Peachy-pie Peanut Pepper Peppermint Pinkie-pie Potato Puddin-pie Puff with a combination like Sugar Puff or Coco Puff and the like Pumpkin Radish Rosemary Salsa Shortcake Silly-pickle Snickerdoodle Sprout Sugar Sugarplum Sweetpea Taco For book and movie buffs, there is no limit on baby nicknames.

You can select one from your favorite book or movie. Alice Charlotte Cullen Daisy Dylan Emma Esme Harry Potter Jane Julianna June Kent Mark Maya Poe Renee Vida Will If you would rather nick name your baby or pet with colors, you can do that too, as the options are wide. Aqua Auburn Beige Burgandy Cerise Citron Crimson Ivory Jade Lily Mahogany Mauve Orange Poppy Scarlett Tawny Topaz Umber Aurora Autumn Cloud Snow Now, there is another set of very unusual and cute nicknames for girls and boys. So, if you are a little witty and want to have fun with your kid, you can give it names of this sort.

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Beer Small Beer Brandy Chardonnay Cristal Gin Margarita Martini Mojito Perry Plum Wine Rum Scotch Sherry Tequila Tiki Vodka Another trend that is always loved is nicknaming the kid after a legend or hero of a dynasty. These names are usually selected by parents, for they wish their kids to be as amazing as the person they are being named after. Ajax Akira Alladin Alpha Android Apollo Astro Atom Banshee Barney Bass Blitz Blondie Boxer Bruno Bubbles Butters Buttons Cedric Chasey Choo-choo Copper Duke Felix Fetchie Fifi Fink Firebug Frisky Good-doggie Goofy Halle Handsome Heartbreaker Hector Hope Jerry Jonty King Kong Kypto Larry Leo Lulu Marley Max Mighty Noya Pandora Pebbles Pepe Pluto Sass Satin Shelly Silver Simba Sinatra Sniffles Snuggles Sparky Spartan Spike Stardust Taro Titan Tornado Trozan Yoki Alools Alia Bhatt Arshad Kangna Ranaut Bebo Kareena Kapoor Bonnie Bipasha Basu Chi Chi Govinda Chinky Celina Jaitley Chirkoot Shraddha Kapoor Duggu Hritik Roshan Faffy Aftab Shivdisani Giraffe Sonam Kapoor Gullu Aishwarya Rai J Ajay Devgan Jay Z Shawn Corey Carter K-Fed Kevin Federline Koko Konkona Sen Sharma Lolo Karisma Kapoor Mads Madhuri Dixit Manya Shilpa Shetty Mimi Priyanka Chopra Nushie Anushka Sharma Puffy Sean Combs Raymond Ranbir Kapoor R-Patz Robert Pattinson Sasha Shahid Kapoor Snookie Nicole Polizza Snoopy Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg Sush Sushmita Sen The Boss Bruce Springsteen The Wall Keanu Reeves Tisha Parineeti Chopra Wacko Jacko Michael Jackson Whoopi Caryn Elaine Xtina Christina Aguilera.

Aba Ada Ailia Aja Alla Alula Anina Anna Ara Asa Ava Aya Azza Bob Ece Ege Elle Eme Eve Isi Ivi Izzi Lil Nan Nayan Nen Neven Nirin Nolon Noon Otto Pip Abe Addey Al Alfie Archie Arny This is no surprise when considering that emergency vet services can run into the thousands.

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Sir Thomas Trueheart , a brave feline, is just one kitty who experienced an emergency and needed some serious help. A good Samaritan took him to the vet where he stayed for over a month, receiving pricey pain meds, surgeries, and skin grafts.

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In the end, Sir Thomas lost an eye and will have lifelong medical issues, but he made an incredible recovery from the traumatic event and now lives peacefully with people who love him. Starting an online fundraiser can help you offset these travel expenses. In , Mellow escaped from home and was never seen again. A whopping six years later, Ilona received a phone call: someone had found Mellow.

Ilona had moved out of state by that point, so she created her fundraiser, Bring Mellow Home , to buy a plane ticket for the kind soul who had found Mellow. Her fundraiser allowed her to pay for in-home euthanasia so Gypsy could feel comfortable and safe in her last moments. Or perhaps you just need funding to get your organization off the ground.

Pet fundraising helps you raise the money you need to get your c 3 Certified Charity status and pay for any startup costs that arise while launching your charity. For more inspiration, read Fundraising Ideas for Animal Charity. When starting a fundraiser from scratch, it can be tough to know exactly what information to include and how to get your cause out there to the masses.

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Or read the story of Penny Chicken , a Silkie chicken with a fantastic hairdo, for a wonderful example of what a compelling story looks like. When your fundraiser starts to gain traction on social media, new donations usually follow.

A short, punchy fundraiser hashtag will help drive attention to your cause and encourage your network to share your fundraiser link. Use your hashtag in your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts to make them more shareable. Need some help brainstorming? Twitter, if nothing else, is a place where animal lovers unite.

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Upload a cute photo of your pet in a Tweet, and include a few popular pet hashtags. You never know who will take notice. Need more ideas? You can send individualized messages to your close friends and family members via Facebook Messenger and make a more personal connection. Our blog post Your Guide to Facebook Fundraising offers plenty of other tips. Instagram was practically invented for sharing cute animal photos.

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If you have some seriously large vet bills to pay, you may want to share pictures of those on your fundraiser page. Not only will this help your fundraiser gain legitimacy, but it will also give your supporters a clearer understanding of your exact needs. If you post a photo of any bills, be sure to cover up any sensitive information, such as your address or payment information. The internet has no shortage of cute animal content posted and viewed by a thriving community of animal lovers.

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Online fundraising without social media can be very effective when done well. Here are just a few ways to check in with people in real life. Reach out to your friends and family members via text message, email, and phone. Fundraising email templates can give you a helpful general framework for your personalized messages. Rallying the support of your community is one offline fundraising strategy.