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This is the paradox. As Henry James has it, we work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have, the rest is the madness of art. And Kafka, with a sad laugh, adds: The artist is the man who has nothing to say. The writer is not a priest, not a shaman, not a holy dreamer. I have no grand psychological theory of creativity. I do not pretend to know how the mind, consciously or otherwise, processes the base metal of quotidian life into the gold of art.

Ortografia da língua portuguesa

Even if I could find out, I would not want to. Certain things should not be investigated.

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The dream world is a strange place. Everything there is at once real and unreal. The most trivial or ridiculous things can seem to carry a tremendous significance, a significance which—and here I agree with Freud—the waking mind would never dare to suggest or acknowledge. In dreams the mind speaks its truths through the medium of a fabulous nonsense.

So, I think, does the novel. The writing of fiction is far more than the telling of stories.

It is an ancient, an elemental, urge which springs, like the dream, from a desperate imperative to encode and preserve things that are buried in us deep beyond words. This is its significance, its danger and its glory. Era um daqueles sonhos que leva uma noite inteira para se sonhar. O sonhador desalenta, desanimado. Ele oferecera algo precioso e tinha sido desdenhado.

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Parece-me que o romance faz o mesmo. John Banville. Of course, if you consider the Chinese characters as an art of calligraphy, you still need to practice more. Professor Zhang, Can you please write a Chinese calligraphy for me? My calligraphy is just so so, you should read more calligraphies that are written by some experts of calligraphy. I know that your calligraphy is very famous.

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Can you give this calligraphy to me? This calligraphy was ruined by me. I wrote one just now, can you see what is written on it? Professor Zhang, what does this sentence mean please? This is what a famous litterateur in Tang Dynasty said, it means that, students are not necessarily inferior to teachers, and teachers are also not necessarily superior to students.

Teachers and students should learn from each other.

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Thank you, professor Zhang. This calligraphy is very interesting, I will hang it on the wall of my dormitory. I have already wrote your seus name on it, please give me more suggestions. SlideShare Explore Search You.

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