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Conflict Transformation: A Multi-Dimensional Task

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Cross Dimensional Conflict

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Three-dimensional Conflict of Laws in Europe

Share this preprint Twitter Facebook Email Metrics. PiS represents a new, previously unseen, radical type of mnemonic actor - a memory excluder.

John Kekes

It has used politics of the past not instead of politics of the present, but as its integral part - thus past, present, and future blur into one. Most of all, it has consciously enlarged the scope of collective memory dispute in Polish society, incorporating chronologically more distant events, policymaking dimensions previously never examined from the angle of memory, and more local and personalised instances of collective memory narratives. This paper aims to explain the mnemonic tactics of the second PiS government, proposing two novel concepts for the field.

First, it defines the memory excluder as a new type of mnemonic actor, and later it explains its demeanours through a complex, three-dimensional model of enlarging the mnemonic conflict.

This will be done using available evidence, examples, and ethnographic research on memory politics implemented in Poland in the years User Username Password Remember me.