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Vivariums are ideal homes for many exotic animals as they enable easy access to the creature, and as many vivariums are transparent, it makes it easy for you to safely study your pet.


Depending on the size and species of your snail, you will need a big, medium or small vivarium. In order for your pet to be happy and healthy, the vivarium will need cleaning out regularly.

Firstly remove the animals into a safe place. With my giant land snails I have two vivariums, and when I clean out one vivarium, they go into the other. Next remove any food, plants, toys e.

My Pets | Baby Giant African Land Snail Feeding - video dailymotion

You may need to clean these as well. If your pet has a cuttle fish bone all giant land snails should it will need washing in fresh, clean water. You should now just have the vivarium with the substrate or medium in. Remember to check through the substrate for eggs before disposing of it. It is illegal to release giant land snails or their eggs into the environment whether it is intentional or not. Even if you just have one snail, you should still look out for eggs, as these snails are hermaphrodites, and in cases they can do self-fertilisation.

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Then tip the water out. Now put some sort of medium or substrate into the vivarium. It should be about 2 inches thick to allow the snails to burrow. Using a sprayer, mist water over the substrate. Georgie - August 10, Thanks :.

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