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  2. Science, History and Social Activism: A Tribute to Everett Mendelsohn (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science).
  3. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß.

Translators and technology : constraining or aiding creativity? The cognitive ergonomics of translation : indicators from eyetracking data.

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Predicting potential with products and processes : diagnostic indicators of translation performance and learning effects. Training feedback cultures : growing translation expertise [poster]. Training feedback cultures : growing translation expertise in non-professional contexts.

Internal and external resources: constraints on creativity? Cognitive ergonomic issues in professional translation. The development of translation competence : theories and methodologies from psycholinguistics and cognitive science. Living expertise : what makes professional translators experts and how they stay that way. Looking beyond the text: the usefulness of translation process data. Relating process and product data in translation research : the CTP project. Translators and machines : working together [paper].

Defining phases of the translation process : revision as a case in point. Teaching learners, learning teachers : developing learning and teaching competence through process-oriented collaboration. Cognitive and physical ergonomics of the professional translation workplace : implications for training and practice. April, Cognitive ergonomics and the professional translation workplace. Looking beyond text : relating process and product data in translation research.

Assessing post-editing efficiency in a realistic translation environment [paper].

Capturing translation processes and beyond. Evaluating translation processes : opportunities and challenges.

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Kiraly, Donald C. Indicators of translation competence : translators' self-concepts and the translation of titles. Translation cultures? Considering the process in translation training. Oktober, September, Capturing the realities of the translation workplace. Editing, trediting, translating : re-humanizing the teaching of web translation. Monitoring translation competence : process-oriented techniques and tools in diagnostic and formative assessment. Evaluating the process : implications for curriculum development [paper]. Zybanow, Lew N. Getting inside translators' minds : capturing translation processes.

Commenting on translation : implications for translator training.

Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie

Pedagogy before Technology. Interestingly, this mastery however, does not always derive from the domain of the able-bodied experts and there is much evidence to show that many individuals challenged by physical and psychological obstacles have demonstrated vast abilities in reaching the heights of their potential. We are humbled by the level of their perseverance and talent often evidenced by the profundity of their work. While the experience of art and music often has the power of immediacy in making us feel good, the additional experience of making art and music also relates to experiencing pleasure.

In this way, the maker and the appreciator can both benefit.

  1. Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie.
  2. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß;
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It is important to note that the final product can also be valued for its novel or innovative approaches for example, this is to be seen in the work of John Cage, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Yoyoi Kusama and that if skillfully rendered inspires awe. Many studies have shown a correlation between the engagement in the arts and psychological and physical healing.

The therapeutic effects are evident in research provided by the medical community. Lepage et al. Carr The patients remained awake during surgery while wearing earphones listening to soothing music to decrease stress during this complex procedure. Additionally, research published in the Clinical Journal of Pain described a study that assessed the usefulness of music intervention for patients with chronic pain.

Guetin et al.

Mitarbeiter motivieren: 5 wichtige Punkte, die ich bei der Motivation von Mitarbeitern nie vergesse

Forty-four received at least two daily sessions of music listening plus their standard treatment, and then pursued the music intervention at home until day 60 using a multimedia player. At day 60 in the music intervention group, this technique enabled a more significant reduction in pain and significantly reduced anxiety, depression and the use of anti-anxiety medication. These results confirm the value of music intervention for the management of chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Listening to music can help older adults reduce their levels of depression.

Music is a non-invasive, simple, and inexpensive therapeutic method for improving life quality. Another research study was conducted involving 50 older adult depressed patients.

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Chan et al. Depression scores were collected once a week for eight weeks. Their levels of depression reduced weekly in the music group, indicating a statistically significant reduction in depression levels due to a cumulative dose effect found over time in the music group compared with the non-music group. As early as 40, years ago in Europe, creative human transformation had begun. Ancient people left evidence of their musical instruments. Wilford Flutes made of bird bone and mammoth ivory uncovered in the Danube Valley, Germany which were determined to be 43, years old showed how Neanderthals had learned how to capture music through their sensorial perceptions: the auditory.

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  • Throughout civilization, musical instruments have been found inside caves, sacred spaces, and at archeological sites. Music has been an important tool for soothing individuals, unifying the tribe, and communicating with the divine. It has been a catalyst for rhythm and dance because music is not just only auditory, but is motor-based and inspires movement.

    Moreover, sounds engage us in ways that words do not. Culturally, music and art help us by stimulating imagination and spirituality transforming us into healthier beings. Thus, music is an international language that extinguishes boundaries. Neanderthal cave paintings discovered in the Nerja Caves in Malaga, Spain were carbon tested.

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    It was determined that the paintings were 42, years old. Mac Erlean The images were representational and show the intentions of the artists. The artist lived in a world of animals, survival, and hunting. The skills involved in crushing certain rocks to get color pigment and mixing this powder with enough moisture to create a paint paste shows the artistry involved. These paintings reveal how humans visually represented imagery through their sensorial perceptions. T he subjective experience of music connects closely with our emotions and how we feel. The experience of listening has the power to induce feelings of well-being.

    Music can inspire us to dance, sing, and deeply enjoy what we are hearing. The adage that music can "soothe the savage breast" is well known and scientists have determined that there is a strong relationship between acoustic wave frequencies and emotional states. Due to this, music alleviates anxiety and distracts people from their emotional and physical pain.

    Biologically, music regulates the brain's limbic system by releasing numerous accompanying neurochemical changes.