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Look past the anger.

"Mommy, Why Do You Work?" | Cherylanne Skolnicki

What do you see? Can you see a person who has passion? Can you see a person who is part of a family?

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Can you see a person who has made contributions to business? Can you see a person who has made contributions to our country?

Why Ryan's Mommy leaving the Country!!!

Can you see a person who has big ideas? Can you see a person who is competitive?

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Can you see a person who is vulnerable? Can you see a person who is tired? Can you see a person?

If you can see a person behind all the anger, then you've got plenty to say to your kids when they ask why grown people behave in ways that kids are told not to. Tell them that adults sometimes do really unhealthy things like getting angry and then instead of trying to feel better, they try to make other people angry too.

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Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink?

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Mommy, Why Is There A Server In The House?

Thee Maddkatt Chronicles - Mommy Why? Zwei by VA. Carlos Franzetti. Steffan Todorovic. Purchasable with gift card.

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