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Treasure and appreciate your special time on Earth! Our planet offers you the unique and wonderful experience to live in a physical body.

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Think of humour! So stop for a minute and look around! Love, treasure and appreciate your precious time on Earth! Remember of the Power of Gratitude! The spiritual hygiene is as important as the physical one! After ask Archangel Michael to give you a surge of pure, divine energy to replace the dark and dense energy taken out of you.

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Imagine the waterfall of the blue energy coming down on you. And finally thank Archangel Michael and ask him to stay with you all night long to protect and bless you in your sleep, your home, everyone in your household you can extend it to your neighbours, your town etc. Imagine yourself being enfolded in the beautiful white light — the light is essence of Angels. Notice now a transparent blue cloak shimmering with the sparks of gold on the boundaries of the white light embracing you.

Always specifically ask Archangel Michael to be with you when you are driving a car and enjoy a safe journey! Remember and maintain the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving. But if you are full of love and open to Universe there is no need for barriers. You will notice how your extra weight melts away when you surrender to love, transparency and non-resistance. Your creative Self is important. And centering in the Heart will bring comfort and more strength when needed. Know you certainly are not alone. Spirit is with you always. Thanks again, I can relate to probably nearly all the symptoms.

Buzzing noises, blurry vision and high definition vision, noises low and high, magnified vision, headaches, pains, energy winds, emotions low and high, telepathy, seeing numbers , , , , , , , , seeing faces in inanimate objects at first scary faces, now passive and positive, which is both hemispheres of brain working together ,felt energetic sickness from eating meat, sugar, bad foods so am now vegetarian.

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I know my spirit as merged with my spirit and physical which probably is the cause of being sensitive, see my HS the shiny light of god which is constantly with me these lower beings seem to stick to it and always feed from it, if this is the HS of cause, see my conscious separate from my spirit mostly in my dreams, can see my own darkness in the spirit from negativity for example when I did something lustful, my conscious separated and I looked at myself my eyes had rings of black and red colors showing information and knowledge is instantly known, synchronize with colors, vibrations and finally I have scanned myself, taken implants out of myself, seen visions of transforming darker beings, seen a pit of reptilians.

Beautiful post! I have survived many ascension symptoms over the past year and a half or maybe more. Support of the like-minded souls, who are on the same journey and especially from teachers you completely trust is a very helpful thing. After all meditations, teaching, clearing and healing sessions, I would highly recommend listening to Matt Kahn on youtube, his transmissions helped me the most during the most challenging time in my life I am going through. I am looking forward to eventually see our new reality, in the meantime, I stay grounded and balanced at the best of my ability.

This…just all of this. Thank you, everyone. The most profound of it all is noticing the stark truth of it. A lot of baggage to come to terms with. The hardest part to me is finding the very root of the trigger. Someone described it as a shadow polarity? Smile if only to yourself. Go easy on yourself,be kind to yourself. Remember to breathe. I listened to it on audible. Ben Kingsley narrated, so it was easy listening. Mind blowing and awe inspiring. Peace be the journey.

My Journey Through Life, Finding My Dream Self, Ascending Into the Golden Age

Much of earth is in a state of shock due to correlation between mass amounts of stress and induced vomiting of the spirit. Reasons for this are many, however, the practice of inoculating one via painstaking service to god will only induce more fear from the masses as towering ideological religions drive us further from the source of whence we came. Indeed, some of us feel that the oppression of the everyday human being is somewhere between natural and forthcoming, as agency within this human structure is limited due to capitalist structures and overbearing frameworks of sin and dogma pressed upon us by society and its hierarchical nature.

Due to this, many humans experience what is known as depression, anxiety, fear and loathing of their fellow living creatures as pressure mounts from beyond for them to concern themselves more with earths fundamental principles of want and need. The overarching theme of degradation of spirit, soul, lifeforce call it what you will is something which needs to be abandoned in favour of a spirit centered existence which promotes love and wellness.

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This of course is something which can only be achieved by many years of reform to the current system. The many perils and ills of trial and error are acknowledged by the source of whence you came. The higher nature of your being yearns for change and dogma free existence, we understand you may have desires which you cave to, learning from your mistakes is paramount here, as only the few whom overcome these desires and selfishness will ascend in the coming era of golden aura to be pressed upon the righteous of humanity. I have been studying the Bible and i can see how the teachings in the Bible correlate when it comes to ascension.

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The teachings of Jesus Christ will most certainly elevate your body,spirit and soul. I have finally come to start to understand that we will ascend just as Jesus. The Bible says there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

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So I agree with this process of ascension. I have always felt enlightened so I am sure my ascension is meant to be. Peace and love. Hi Claude — could you please read me?

Sleep Hypnosis for Cosmic Voyage Dreaming (Meditation for Sleeping in the Stars, Lucid Dreaming)

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