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Damning Documentary or Tugging at Heartstrings? A Look at ‘The Bleeding Edge’

You'll see a lot of Disneynature documentaries on this list. Pierce Brosnan narrates this documentary filmed across the world's oceans. Michael Moore's provocative documentary about American gun violence and one of his best won the Oscar for Best Documentary and broke international box office records for a documentary in Morgan Neville's portrait of Fred Rogers and "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" proved to be a crowd-pleasing hit in the summer of because of the absolute niceness at its heart.

Neville in his film explains that Fred Rogers was the rare person who really did not have a dark side, and in "Won't You Be My Neighbor? Davis Guggenheim's documentary spotlighting former Vice President Al Gore's plea to alert the world to the effects of global warming and climate change went on to win two Oscars and earn a sequel.

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Another Michael Moore movie to crack the list, "Sicko" was Moore's look at the healthcare industry in America compared to other nations, with Moore sailing sick veterans down to Cuba to receive the care they couldn't have had at home. Tim Allen narrated this Disneynature doc about a three-month old chimp separated from his flock and adopted by another grown male.

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The first of Disneynature's documentaries, "Earth" was a theatrical version of the popular "Planet Earth" miniseries from Dinesh D'Souza's anti-Obama documentary speculated about where the country would be if Obama won a second term in office in It wasn't originally meant to be made into a film, but it provided an intimate look at Jackson in his final days.

The Biebs holds the spot for the highest-grossing concert film ever and the documentary with the biggest opening weekend of all time. People sure love penguins. Morgan Freeman narrates the nature documentary that opened on just four screens but soon spread into a nationwide hit. Michael Moore's scathing documentary about President George W. View In Gallery.

Show Comments. Keep Reading There is a sense that if enough people see this film and make their voices heard, the possibility for change is real. Here are five other docs currently streaming on Netflix that have made a real world impact on their subject. Within our most prestigious institutions of higher learning — from Harvard to Amherst to Notre Dame — exists a pattern of victim-blaming and cover-up for reasons that come down to what these things seem to always come down to: money.

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  • Lessons from 'The Bleeding Edge': If you see something, say something - STAT.

Colleges are afraid to jeopardize their two biggest donor industries — college athletics and fraternities — both of which have a history of predatory behavior. Since then, a larger reckoning has taken place that clearly goes beyond college campuses. The film spurred intense activism and a wave of negative press against SeaWorld, which saw its stock plummet and attendance shrink.

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Musical artists like the Beach Boys and Willie Nelson canceled their SeaWorld concerts while Southwest Airlines ended its year partnership with the park. Revenue dropped and the head of the company resigned.

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  6. Then on March 17, , SeaWorld officially announced they would end all orca shows and orca breeding programs. These first responders have saved roughly 60, Syrians since , rushing to bombing sites and pulling out bodies, often as the bombs continue to fall around them.