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No student will be allowed to use public transportation or practice off campus without this form being completed and turned in to the coach.

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For overnight trips in Korea the In Country Over night form will be used. For trip outside of Korea the Out of Country Trip information letter will be given to parents with information concerning dates, location, flight information, cost, payment plan, and expectations. All students missing school for an event will take the Academic Assignment Travel Form to each of their teachers for assignments and to inform teachers that the student will be traveling.

Participants are required to maintain a 2. Any student with an F is not eligible to participate after school for that week until the next eligibility check the following week. Any student ineligible for two weeks during a season will be removed from the team. The weekly eligibility starts the Saturday morning after the status has changed and runs through the following Friday. While students are ineligible, they are not permitted to participate in any tryout, practice, games or any after school activities.

Students must also maintain an appropriate behavior record.

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Students who miss school days due to co-curricular activity participation must make every effort to keep up with their school work. Any student missing 30 minutes or more to ANY class cannot participate in an after school activity that day.

UMA Athletic Conduct Standards and Sanctions

Any student absent on Friday or last school day of the week will not be allowed to participate on the next Saturday event. Participation at the Junior Varsity level is not available to Seniors and Varsity starters and only for students grade There is an insufficient number of varsity aged students willing and able to field a varsity team. However, these players may not remain on the varsity roster beyond the first week of tryouts, unless they have been declared by the varsity coach to be a clear member of the starting team.

In all cases coaches are expected to inform the Athletic Director during tryouts about any request for an exception, and the Athletic Director will have final discretionary authority in the decision-making process. They must return the completed physical form before they can try out for a sport. One sports physical must be on record for each school year in the Athletic Directors office. A regular school physical is valid for new students to KIS. A sports physical from a previous school year is invalid. No athlete will be allowed to practice without the physical exam form and a medical release form forms.

No manager will be allowed to attend practice or go to games without the Student Athlete Agreement Form. Student athletes will be to all practices and contests on time unless prior arrangements have been made with your coach. Students must maintain a grade point average of 2. Otherwise you will ride the bus back to KIS. All players and managers will ride the bus to the event. Students must not talk to or ask favors from the bus driver while the bus is in operation unless a coach asks you to interpret for them. Students must bring copies of their passport to all contests on military bases and overseas trips.

Students must inform the coaches of injuries so that appropriate action can be taken. Students will demonstrate sportsmanship at all practices and contests with opponents, officials, fans, coaches, parents, school staff and all others. Students should remember that when they represent KIS they are held to the very highest standards of ethics and behavior. The entire school will be held responsible or commended based upon their actions. Students must take good care of their uniforms and make sure it is returned washed and in good condition.

Failure to do so will result in fines up to the cost of replacing the uniform. Any athlete removed from a contest by the official may face further punishment from the coach, Athletic Director or Assistant Principal. Student athletes must be to school on time for all contests in order to compete.

Any student absent the day of a contest cannot participate in a contest that day.

Student-Athlete Handbook | Indiana University East Athletics

Any student absent on Friday or any like circumstance will not be allowed to participate on the following Saturday. Any student that has three or more unexcused absences from practice may be removed from the team. Each student has the right to appeal his or her case to the Athletic Director who is the only one that can countermand this rule. If an athlete has a problem with the coach they should try to work it out with the coach first. If the conflict cannot be remedied then the athlete should make their next appeal to the Athletic Director. Athletes must abide by all school rules at all times and in all contests no matter where they are held.

This includes the English only policy. Parents of student athletes must attend the preseason sports meeting to be held after school on an evening to be determined by the Athletic Director. Parents must get your child to school on time for all contests and bus trips. Parents must also communicate with the AD and coaches when your child will not be able to attend practice or a contest with a note, email or phone call.

Parents must have their child at all events and practices that is possible for them to attend. Parents should talk to the coach first with concerns about the program. If after that they are not satisfied they may speak with the Athletic Director. Buses are to leave school at the posted time. All team members will ride the bus to the event.

Students are to ride the bus from the contest back to KIS unless one of the three following criteria is meet. Criteria two : The parent comes to the contest and takes the student home from there. Students are not to make any requests directly to the bus driver with out permission given first by the coach. Students must also remain seated during bus rides and they may not eat or drink except water on the buses.

Coaches and or students may not ask to change housing.

8 Famous Athletes Who Died Playing Their Sport

Until you have actually been involved in the housing aspect of a tournament or a festival, it is difficult to realize why this is so important. It is never appropriate to ask for changes at the last minute except in the case of an emergency. Any requests should be made well in advance of the event. It is your responsibility as a sponsor or a Coach to explain this to your students. Coaches should make note of any medical, allergy or dietary concerns at the time of registration.

Do NOT bring culturally insensitive materials. Do not use profanity. Many travel events include sightseeing, cultural, or even shopping events which take the participants into the mainstream of the local population. Do not let students walk around with their passports and tickets when they do not need them.

Make sure that the passports and tickets are kept in a safe place like in a hotel safe or the school you are visiting safe or HR department. The following checklist was prepared to help you with your pre-trip planning. Please be sure you pay attention to each of the details listed below so as to avoid any last minute disappointments.

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Keep track of your belongings. Home-stay students if leaving the home must be supervised by a student or parent. Parents should make every effort to transport the student to and from the school or event every day. The host must provide a bed, shower, and food for the guest. Students should not share a bed or futon. A adult must be at home whenever the students are at home. Host adults must make sure that all students are in the home for the night at pm curfew.

Host parents must provide the visiting coaches with a phone number that they can be reached at throughout the stay. Host families can not provide or offer any alcoholic beverages to the guests. At least one host parent should be at the school to receive the guests upon arrival. Host families must make sure the students follow the schedule of the tournament. Any problems with a guests must be reported to the host school AD and the students coach.

Families hosting visiting student participants are advised that guests may not participate in parties, dances or other group social activities without the knowledge and consent of the host school Athletic Director and the guests coach. Any violation of these rules may result in discipline action being taken. It is an honor to be selected to represent KIS in a tournament or festival.

This checklist was prepared to help with your pre-trip planning. Parents should know and have posted in your home the phone numbers of your host and the host school. The Coach or Activities Director will provide this information prior to departure. Remember to pack efficiently as each of you will be handling your own luggage.

One suitcase per student regardless of size.