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Parsifal Wagner Jan. Hagemann E O sink hernieder w. Schorr, L.

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Topas, R. Original plans were to record the complete opera in Berlin.

But when Bruno Walter, Emanuel List and Lotte Lehmann for political reasons neither could nor would go to the German capital, Act 1 and those parts of Act 2 including Lehmann and List were done in Vienna in but not Sieglinde's brief 3rd Act appearance which would have included all nine Valkyries. Bruno Walter conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Obvious guesses are Friedrich Schorr and Rudolf Bockelmann. These albums could also be found on other labels as Columbia and Victor. Heimliche Aufforderung R.

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Leoncavallo unpublished, D6-RC No! Pagliaccio non son I Pagliacci R. Lehar Dec 31, , S I det frie F.

Bizet Dec 31 , S Easy to love C. Gounod June 16 , S The kiss in your eyes R. Kern Dec 16 , S Summer moon I. Stravinsky Dec 16 , S Mattinata R. Dec 18 , S Recondita armonia Tosca G. Leoncavallo Dec 26 , S No, pagliaccio non son! I Pagliacci R. Leoncavallo Dec 26 , S Helan gar anon.

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  • June Concert, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen: Melchior sings Midsommervise Lange-Muller , Flaget Rygard and Jeg elsker dig Grieg Melchior also made these commercial recordings, which cover a large number of Wagnerian extracts, as well as those from other operas. In addition there are numerous songs which Melchior performed live in concert.

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    Winter and storms vanish before their stout defence. At these bold blows, of course, the stout doors yielded too, for stubbornn and hard they kept us from the spring. To its sister here it flew. Love decoyed the spring. In our hearts it was hidden deep; now it smiles joyfully at the light. The sister as bride is freed by her brother. My heart greeted you with holy terror when first your glance lighted upon me. I had only ever seen strangers; my surroundings were friendless. As if I had never known it was everything that befell me.

    But you I recognized plain and clear; when my eyes saw you, you belonged to me.

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    What I hid in my heart, what I am, bright as day it came to me, like a resounding echo it fell upon my ear, when in frosty lonely strangeness I saw my friend. I tremble with the delight that enchants me. It brings something strange to my mind: though I first saw you today, I've set eyes on you before. As once it appeared in the water so now you show me my likeness. Its sound, I fancy, I heard as a child, but no! I heard it recently- when the echo of my voice sounded back through the forest. So the old man gazed at me in greeting when to my sadness he brought comfort.

    By his look his child recognized him, I even wanted to call him by name. Are you really called Woeful? I take my name from you. Meretta, Siegmund and Sieglinde, Posted by Albert Sonntag at PM. Century , Romanticism , Wagner. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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